Thursday, January 29, 2015

AC Quirkiness Part 3 - Adaptive Component Visibility Setting

For those of you who have experience creating families, one can always overwrite the visibility of any geometry in the family (to set it to any detail level from Coarse, Medium or Fine; and whether to have the geometry to display in different view like Plan/RCP, Front/Back and Left/Right)

When it comes to Adaptive Component, such settings remained the same in the AC family. However, this dialog box shows it in a subtle way and you just have to know how to get to it. 

In the Adaptive Component (AC) environment, when you select the solid form, the only option that shows up are displayed in the image below. You just don't see anything that says "Visibility Settings"

If you check the Properties of the solid, it doesn't give you much of an option either. 

Look closer:
Clicking the Visibility/Graphic Overrides (VG), and this will take you directly to the Visibility Settings. 
**This is actually the same way on how traditional family works.**

You can also do the same by selecting the geometry, "right click" and choose "Visibility".

Tim Waldock from RevitCat has briefly mentioned this inconsistent setting about adaptive component.

Well, nested family, on the other hand, works differently in AC environment. You actually get this nice option just like the traditional family by selecting the nested family. The icon will present itself.

I would hope Autodesk can resolve this inconsistent setting in the family environment in the future release. As I suspect Adaptive Component is gaining more use in the project now, I can imagine more people are going to run into this issue with this behavior.

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