Monday, September 9, 2013

Plan Region and View Range Bug in Floor Plan

I came across this weird behavior in Revit today and thought to write a quick post about it. I have this project in Revit 2014 and a number of the windows had a higher sill height on the wall.

By default, this window is not likely to show up on plan since the defaulted view range is set to cut at 4'-0" above finish floor.
So immediately I used "plan region" and set it on plan and thought that would fix it.

However, for some reasons, it didn't work no matter how I set the view range height within the "plan region" settings...
After going for the next 30 mins of trouble-shooting, I was able to figure out the issue and "fix" it. I had to locate my "plan region" completely away from the window and the wall in order for Revit to recognize it. As it may sound totally crazy and irrational to me, it somehow worked...

I still can't explain why this works since the plan region would work on a normal situation. I guess this is one of those weird behaviors that does it.


  1. Is 8'-6" high enough to be completely above the window? It is strange. Is there geometry in the window family that makes Revit think it is "bigger" than it is?

  2. Hi Steve,

    What's strange is if I set my "overall" plan view range at 7'-6" cut height, that high window would show up, my "top" view was still at 8'-6" no matter what. Because of that, I know the no-show window has to be the view range. For the window family, there are no geometries outside that makes Revit think it is "bigger". This issue seems to be triggered by how the area of the "plan region" intercepts the wall and the window family. Very strange indeed.