Saturday, September 14, 2013

Old Meets New - Massing with Old School Array

I was working on something in the past 2 weeks on massing. I have used a trick of nesting traditional Generic Model family into massing (or adaptive component) and pick the lines to create form or surface on many occasions. This time around, I thought of another way of using Generic Model again for something new.

First, I started off with a Generic Model template and draw a spline as a model line, I have the spline constrained to the parameter "H". During the RTC NA this year, I learned something new from Marcello Sgambelluri about scaling with a spline.

Next, I nest this model line spline into another Generic model and array it.

In this family, I set up the "Scale" and "Array" as an instance parameter where I can use it to nest into a massing family.

Start another family as a mass, load the GM array family. Draw an ellipse (actually two open-ended arch to form an ellipse); and have the nested array family locked to the end point of the arch. Add parameters to constrain the ellipse "Radius_Depth" and "Radius_Width". At the same time, associate the parameter "Scale" and "Array" from the nested family to the mass.

 Next, select the spline array from both ends and the arch; then hit "Create Form"...


I have made a ribbed surface. To my surprise, the surface is now driven by the spline. When I flex the parameter "Array", it will flex along nicely...

 I went and made another surface on the opposite side and form a complete mass.

Load the mass family into the project and start messing with the instance parameters...

First one with Array = 12, and Scale = 10 & 20 respectively.

Second one with Array = 20, and Scale = 2 & 20 respectively.

 Third one with Array = 36, and Scale = 10 & 30 respectively.

 I could go on and make more masses but I was pretty happy with this result for now...

Ribbed towers using nested array old tricks
I am now in the process of using this method to create something which I will post for next week, so stay tuned!

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