Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shortcut to Your Project Template

The startup (aka Recent Files) page in Revit always have the default shortcut to the project template. In the past, Revit can only assign one project template at the time for using as a default template. Suppose your office has company standard project template when starting a new project, you can change the default path to access those templates. However, you could only set one template file only.

My office currently went through a process of updating the office standard templates, which consists of 3 major templates for different purposes. Since Revit 2013, you can add more than one template now and have direct access to those templates from the startup page.

Typical Project Template page

Here's what you have to do:
The first step is go to Revit "R" icon -> Options

Under Options -> File Locations, you can add more template by clicking the + icon, then browse through your network and find your company templates.

Once you have the template chosen, you can further arrange the order the template:

When all the setup is complete, you will now be able to find all your custom template from the startup page in Revit.

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