Monday, March 24, 2014

Model Archive Using eTransmit Addin

Revit comes with some nice addin through the subscription center.

A good one recently would have to be eTransmit for Revit. This little gadget was first introduced in Revit 2012 as lab plugin and transitioned to a bonus addin from subscription site (In my opinion, this should be a standard tool already after 2 releases.)

The intent for eTransmit is to copy a Revit model (worksharing or standalone file) and other dependent files to a single folder for internet transmission. Using it like uploading a Revit file to different consultants (say Structural and MEP) for coordination will be very useful.

Lately, I have been asked by several new team members and they want to know what's the best way to archive some Revit files (For major milestone or design changes, we usually save a copy and date it). I immediately thought of using eTransmit is a better way to go. Compared to the traditional process of creating a detach model and save it as a new central file; if you have more than one model, you have to do it one after another. It is just tedious.

eTransmit setup is so easy and intuitive to use, you can choose to include other Revit linked models as well as .dwg linked files or even keynote (.txt) file as part of the transmit. The setup will also DETACH the Revit file during the process. In other words, this makes it perfect for archiving.

One suggestion though is I would go through a purge unused process before using eTransmit. Doing so would result a leaner file for archive purpose.


  1. Philip I agree this is a great tool for archiving as well as posting. I just wish they would add a Purge feature.

  2. I have used this for archiving and sending to others, it is a great tool to Archive your files. Thanks for reminding me about having it as a standard of practice for the office for Archiving the projects.

  3. With the amount of available inexpensive storage space, I rarely purge archives anymore, just compress the file during my last sync. All of my consultant files are purged before I reload them. I try to limit the amount of time I spend doing admin tasks so I have more time to aid with project documentation and increasing efficiency of the modeling team.

  4. @ Brian,

    Looks like you got your wish come true already. I just saw the new improved feature with what eTransmit can do in 2015.