Sunday, November 24, 2013

Profiling - Part 4 (Tapping OOTB Resource)

Revit OOTB (Out-of-the-box) beam family has an extensive library from concrete to steel to wood. Many of these families, mostly steel shape, are actually created as sweep using nested profile family in family editor.

Steel Angle Sweep from Nested Profile Family
Often time I have to create custom family using an actual steel shape (such as L shape steel angle) as a profile to make a sweep or swept blend. Instead of drawing the steel angle (profile) shape, all I have to do is to pull one from the existing beam family, select the nested profile family from the project browser and re-use it.

Once you edit family, you notice the steel shape actually populate all the parameters based on the steel manual (b, d, t, etc...)

One tip I would advise is always check the origin and make appropriate adjustment to the origin of the profile before using it in a new family. Stock profile tends to set the origin at the centric location in the profile.

Knowing how to tap into the OOTB beam family and use them as a resource can greatly save your time and be more accurate and efficient.

OOTB Steel Beam Family library

I can now create custom shape steel angle family on a fly.

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