Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Printing Sheets with Guide Grid

I have a user reported the other day about the a printing issue. There were a number of sheets that the titleblock shifted unwillingly.

Normally, this could cause by many factors, one of the common issues are there are things (e.g. lines, filled region, annotation or the extended crop region from the view) outside the titleblock. Revit would include the elements in the printing process which results the entire sheet shifted in the prints or the pdf files.

Once I started looking into the issue, it turns out all the "issued" sheets have something in common. "Guide Grid" was used to help organize the views.

All those sheets have the Guide Grid stretched beyond the sheet...

By default, Guide Grid is a non-printable element in Revit; however, in this case, Revit will treat it as a visible element. Therefore, it was included as part of the view in the sheet. 

The solution is easy, all you need to do is to go to the properties of the sheet, set the "Guide Grid" back to <None>. That's it!

Now the prints will come out in the right position.


  1. How do you hide the grid line guides on a sheet when you want to print? Also how do you show the architectural stamp when you want to along with a .Printing

  2. Hi Lewis,

    I have described the step in the post about turning off the guide grid. From the sheet properties, there is a parameter (field) for guide grid, set it to "none". It will turn it off.
    As for putting architectural stamp in Revit, there are a couple of ways you can do it. We made the electronic stamp in Revit as an annotation family and nest it to the titleblock; the annotation family will be deleted after the sheets that are printed/issued.